THE WOUND 2013. Best Short – Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival.

A woman recovers from abdominal surgery at a seaside home. One day, her wound comes to life.

Written and Directed by David Garrett
Produced by Arianna Ortiz, Kaer Vanice, David Garrett

Arianna Ortiz as Annie Dunn
Christopher Burns as the Sheriff
Earle Monroe as Nurse Ivan
Rose Iuro-Damon as Aunt Carol
Gina Nagy Burns as Deputy Shelley

Shot on location in Northeast Harbor, Maine.

“Hearts Collide” by Jeff J Findley

Semi Finalist, NBCUniversal Short Cuts 2013
World Premiere, Cinequest Film Festival 2013


COUGARS tells the story of Sasha, a teenager at constant odds with the promiscuous ways of her mother, Bastet. When Sasha’s young friend Stuart decides to walk her home from school, she becomes forced to confront the dark secret that makes her more like her mother than she’d care to admit.

The Door. 2014. Short Horror Film .

When the sun mysteriously vanishes from the sky, a young woman finds herself trapped in her own home, fighting for survival against the dark beings that have appeared outside…

RO Pictures Presents
A Film by Cal O’Connell
“The Door”

Jessica Duffield
Pooja Shah
Neil Tattersall
& Julia Munder

Playing with the Devil.2014.Award Winning Short Horror Film based on Japanese Ritual Hitori Kakurenbo.

While home alone, three sisters conduct a Japanese ritual of Hitori Kakurenbo or “One Man Tag” with their beloved doll. Terror ensues as the girls realize that one should never play a game with the Devil.


Burbank International Film Festival
Fear Fete
Salty International Horror Film Festival
Snake Alley Film Festival
STARRING: Rachel Frain, Valerie Trevherz, Jessica Hadlock


Directed By – Nick Stentzel
Produced and Written By – Michael Woodward
Based on Characters from the Screenplay “LETTERS” Written By – Damon Peoples

Birthday Boys. 2013. Award-winning short horror film.

On her deceased boyfriend’s birthday, a girl in a desperate situation turns to a close friend for help, unaware of the grave and deadly consequences lying ahead.

WINNER – Best Dramatic Horror Short – Tabloid Witch Awards 2012
WINNER – Best Actress (in a short or medium-length film) – Justine Llanes – Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival
WINNER – Audience Choice – IndieWorks short film series

Cast: Bettina Taylor, Justine Llanes, Brandon O’Sullivan

Written and Directed by Rafael De Leon Jr.
Produced by Anthony Sylvester and Rafael De Leon Jr.
Director of Photography – Anthony DeRose

Thanatology (Tanatría) 2014. Short Horror Film

– Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes “Rafal en Corto” (premio del jurado)
– II Festival de Cine Fantástico de Torremolinos (premio del público)
– Festival “Horror online Art 2012” (premio del jurado)
– IV Festival de Cine de Terror y Fantástico de Peligros (premio del público)
– XIII Certamen de cortos “PACO RABAL” CORTEMA 2012 de Campillos (3º premio del jurado)
– II Certamen de cortos COLECTIVO CROMA (3º premio del jurado)

Directed, editing by SERGIO SÁNCHEZ

Monsters in the Dark. 2015. A Short Horror.

Mordue’s new short Horror film “Monsters in the Dark”. Shot in just 2 nights with a limited budget of £50.

“One day there was a boy and a girl who went into the woods to spend some time together. Little did they know that they were being watched by Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear, a villainous masked couple who want nothing but trouble.Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear spend the night reigning terror on the poor boy and girl, who never realised that this was the day the teddy bears had their picnic…”